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In 1928 the 21.936 acres of land having frontages to the Derby and Nottingham Main Road and to Borrowash Road known as 'The Park' was purchased by British Celanese Limited for the sum of £2,632.10. The Vendor was Joseph William Clowes of Ockbrook.

In 1953 the site was opened as the British Celanese Sports Club. The company later became Courtaulds Acetate and under this name in 1983 it sold the site to Tower Manor Limited and it became known as the Asterdale Leisure Centre. The Conveyance included a Covenant that the site can only be used or occupied for sports recreation leisure and agriculture for a period of 79 years from the date of sale i.e. until 2062. In 1992 the Asterdale got into financial difficulties and the receivers were called in. At this time Turnpike Inns approached the receivers and made an offer to purchase the site.

At a committee meeting of SBC held on 28 February 1993 it was reported that Turnpike Inns were now the new owners of the Asterdale Leisure Centre but the position of our bowls club would appear to be stable. The treasurer, Peter Parkin, said he had negotiated a new deal over green fees etc., with Asterdale based on past payments. On 1st April 1993 we would pay in advance £1200 with any excess paid at the end of the year. Club membership stood at 81 men and 67 ladies.

At a committee meeting held on 1st May 1993 it was reported that workmen were seen measuring and this was probably to do with the purchase. The value of our site of 2 1/2 acres is probably £30 - 40,000. A decision would be made when approached.

At a committee meeting held on 24 May 1993 it was reported that Peter Lloyd (Chair) and Peter Parkin (Treasurer), had attended a meeting with Mr. Finney of Turnpike Inns on 20 May to discuss the possible purchase of the bowling greens and surrounds up to the top of the bank adjoining the Borrowash Victoria Football Club. The price would be £30,000 plus £5,000 for access and car parking with 20 spaces guaranteed. It was agreed that an Extraordinary General Meeting would be called of all members on 13 June 1993 to discuss the proposed purchase.

At a committee meeting held on 09 June the various options for raising the money to make the purchase were discussed. It was agreed that a Limited Company or Partnership should be ruled out and the members be asked at the EGM what loans or gifts they are prepared to contribute towards the purchase of the property.

The Extraordinary General Meeting on 13 June 1993 was well attended and heard how the present position was arrived at. Mr. Finney of Turnpike Inns attended the meeting and he explained how his company welcomed the approach by SBC and thought it would be good for the club and community. After a thorough discussion involving many members it was proposed by Mr. Ted Hough and seconded by Mr. Ian Woolley that a decision be made to: 1) Purchase the club. 2) Show on slips that it was financially viable. 3) Draw up a business plan. By a show of hands it was unanimous that the purchase go ahead. The members then submitted slips on which they indicated how much they were prepared to donate or loan to the club and a sum of £19,405 was pledged.

At a committee meeting held on 15 June 1993 it was found that pledges and loans now total £20,035. It was agreed that various organisations be approached for possible loans or grants. Courtaulds, Sports Council, BCGBA and Foundation for Sports and Arts were suggested. The Club Constitution would need amending. A solicitor will be required. 

On 19 July 1993 Mike Oldbury (Vice chair), Margaret Tysoe (Secretary) and Peter Parkin (Treasurer) attended a meeting at the Derby Council House to discuss a possible grant from the Leisure Services Committee. A decision would be made on 27 September 1993. At that meeting the Derby City Council approved a grant of £15,000 subject to acceptance by SBC of terms to the City Treasurers Department.

At a Special General Meeting of SBC on 05 September 1993 an amended constitution was discussed. Proposed Mrs. Peggy Parke, seconded Mrs. Ann Woolley that it be approved. By a show of hands it was approved unanimously.

On 28 September 1993 the committee appointed four Trustees: Mr. Fred Hughes; Mr. Terry Syson; Mrs. Janet Grant; Mr. Colin Staff. 

On 07 October 1993 the secretary wrote to the Foundation for Sport and Arts following our application for a grant and confirmed the latest position regarding purchase of the club site.

On 21 December 1993 the purchase was completed with the signing of a Declaration of Trust by the four Trustees. The total purchase price including legal and H.M. Land Registry Fees was £37,158.63.

A letter dated 17 February 1994 from the Foundation for Sport and the Arts confirmed a grant of £17,500.