The Club is managed by a committee comprising 5 officers and 4 members.  Currently the committee is:

Chairperson                      Michael Oldbury

Vice Chair                         Audrey Parry                

Secretary                           Peter Lloyd

Treasurer                           Cheryl Harper

Club Captain                      Garfred Reynolds
Assistant to Club Captain   Marion Kniveton (ex-officio)

Members                            Paul Shaw, Margaret Key, Alan Chamberlain,                                                    Cliff Stevenson 

Competitions Secretary   - Position vacant

The property of the Club is vested in trustees: Janet Grant,  Colin Staff and Terry Syson. There is currently a vacancy to replace the late Fred Hughes who passed away in 2011.


The Derby League Captains are:

Senior Ladies 1st Team - (Nottingham Green) - Marion Kniveton

Senior Ladies 'A' Team - (Nottingham Green) - Margaret Key

Vets 1st Team - (Derby Green) - Kevin Braithwaite

Vets 2nd Team - (Derby Green) - John Illingworth

Vets 3rd Team -  (Derby Green) -  Tom Earnshaw

Ladies 1st Team - (Nottingham Green) - Audrey Parry

Tuesday Mixed Team - Nottingham Green - Anne Shaw

Tuesday Mixed 'A' Team - Nottingham Green - Peter Lloyd

Floodlight Team  1 - No team in 2019

The Belper League Captains are:

Over 55's 'A' Team - (Nottingham Green) - Christine Hunt

Over 55's 'B' Team - (Derby Green) - Colin Staff

Over 55's 'C' Team - (Derby Green) - Position vacant

Over 55's 'D' Team - (Nottingham Green) - Lynda Smith

Ladies 'A' Team - (Nottingham Green) - Elaine Gilmour

Ladies 'B' Team - (Nottingham Green) - Doreen Horne

Wednesday Doubles - (Derby Green) - Alan Chamberlain

Saturday 'A' Team - (Nottingham Green) - Cheryl Harper

Saturday 'B' Team - (Nottingham Green) - Colin Day

Saturday 'C' Team - (Derby Green) - Sam Armstrong

Saturday 'D' Team - (Derby Green) - Withdrawn from league.